ecoSCRUB understands that not everyone is the same. We offer multiple solutions that cater to your individual needs. All of our services not only include the cleaning of your equipment but also cleaning of the area surrounding it. We also offer packages catered especially for our customers who have a high volume of equipment. We offer plans based on the frequency of which you need cleaning and number of electronic items you need to be cleaned. Should you have any questions feel free to call us at 1-866-300-1827 or request a callback.

What do we clean?

PCs, terminals, printers, laptop PCs, screens, telephones, switchboards, photocopiers, fax machines, calculators, cheque encoders, document handlers, counter terminals, ATMs, read/write heads, tape streamers.

What will it cost?

That depends entirely on what you want. We are pleased to advise you on what we feel would suit your company requirements, but at the end of the day, you set the parameters in which we are to provide our services.

Factors to take into account include the present state of the equipment, your location, frequency of subsequent visits, time and day of the visit and availability of access to the building. We only charge you for what we actually clean and we'll invoice you on completion of the work and not before it takes place. However we are able to provide estimates in advance. Call us today to find out more.

Why you should clean your equipment?

With the exception of your staff, your computer system is almost certainly the next most important asset. Cleaning your system safeguards and protects your staff, equipment and even, in the event of a fire caused by the ignition of dust build up on internal fans, the survival of your business.

According to Byte magazine: "the two main causes of computer failure are dust build-up and overheating, due to poor air circulation and around 70% of computer malfunction is caused by dirt and debris. Dust build up on a computers ventilation system can cause a computer system to run hotter and reduce its life expectancy. Cleaning IT equipment reduces static build up which when left untreated can destroy a whole PC. Any computer downtime will cost your business considerable amounts of money.

An average staff member takes off 9 sick days per year and and according to the University of Arizona 60% of sickness absence are contracted from dirty equipment in the office. Furthermore, around 65% of office workers are sharing PCs and telephones which can make this problem even worse. Coughs, colds, mrsa, flu - swine, man or any other type! - are just some of the illnesses which can result from infected keyboards, mouse sets and telephones.

With cleaning keyboards, it's particularly important to remove all the built up debris and food particles to destroy the habitat that can become home to all kinds of bacteria.

With nearly 90% of office workers eating lunch at their desks so they can get more work done it should come as no surprise that are 400 times more bacteria on an office work station than on a toilet seat!

Having all your IT equipment cleaned on a semi regular basis will help reduce staff sickness and absenteeism and extend the lifetime of your valuable IT equipment that is costly to to repair or replace. Think of ecoSCRUB's service as a preventative measure to protect your business assets and employees.

Just like an insurance policy for your staff and computers!

Why not use our own staff?

All ecoSCRUB staff are fully trained to clean electrical equipment thoroughly and without damage. Your staff are employed to perform the work of an entirely different nature - and not undertake cleaning tasks without proper training, tools and equipment.

Should your staff be instructed to clean their equipment, would they be bothered to clean it properly? When will they find time do it? Who would need to go out and purchase the relevant materials required? What happens if one of your staff breaks something during cleaning? These questions only you can answer.