Keep That PC Clean

Is your idea of maintaining a PC simply to turn of its monitor before leaving for the weekend? Is your keyboard starting to look like a checkerboard?

Think that keeping your computer clean isn't really worth the time and trouble?

Think again.

Accumulations of dust, smoke and grease on PC parts can lead to all kinds of problems, from poor performance to a complete system crash.

Sometimes its a slow, lingering death brought on by corroding circuits and punctuated by nagging, intermittent errors that can drive you nuts.

Other times, it's a sudden loss of your whole system, thanks to an overheated CPU or other component.

Either way, a small investment of time and money can save hours of frustration and unnecessary expense.

It seems just about everything in the air is bad for your computer. Dust and dirt can clog ventilation ports and form insulating layers on chips that can lead to overheating, which can damage or destroy chips and cards - especially the hot running CPUs in the newer computers.

And airborne particles can corrode and even fry your computer's delicate circuitry. Even worse, the damage occurs slowly, leading to intermittent errors and problems that are hard to track down.

Clean your computer system every three to six months, depending on the air quality in your location.