Germs Abound On Computer Keyboards!

A recent study from the University of Arizona states...

The average desk has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat!

The man who conducted this study, Dr. Charles Gerba, states "for bacteria, the desk is really the laptop of luxury". The number one culprit is your telephone, then your desk and then your keyboard.

Toilet seats came out the lowest on a total of 12 surfaces tested in office environments.

Eating at your desk is an area that has approximately 100 times more bacteria than a kitchen table, or 4 times more than the average toilet seat.

With the amount of time people spend at their desks increasing, the bacteria count seems to be going up. Cleaning these areas regularly can reduce the bacteria count by 99.9 percent.

The study found that bacteria can increase 19 to 31 percent over a day.

From this data, we can assume that keeping your work area cleaned regularly can reduce the chances of illness in the office environment.

This study used over 7000 samples, collected across the United States from office environments. These were typical offices with cubicles, open spaces and private offices with limited street traffic such as deliveries.

Take a good look around you, and decide for yourself if your keyboard, monitor, telephone, and mouse could use a professional cleaning and disinfecting.